Blue Illusion saw the potential in 3D printing, and wanted to explore ways that this could be applied to the fashion industry and spring racing. The process of translating a (…) Read more

My time at Roaring Forties enabled me to develop my skills with SolidWorks. I was required to reverse engineer many items, and illustrate them in a specific way that meant (…) Read more

Throughout my time at RMIT, projects came with a brief and we had to go through a whole design process before designing the actual object. In this role, all that (…) Read more

While working at CERES, I developed the ability to work solely on a brief within a set time period. Meeting people on site and conducting interviews was a necessary part (…) Read more

The bulk of my time at Studio Proper was creating iterations of products designed to suit the next generation of Apple devices, while adding improvements wherever possible. Creating new products (…) Read more

During my experience at ISM Objects, I had the opportunity to engage with current projects, and employ my prototyping skills for quick idea generation. I had the opportunity to work (…) Read more

My work involved assisting Alfalfa with a large client presentation and included product illustration design and market research tasks, undertaken from Melbourne for their Hong Kong based organisation.   I (…) Read more

During my time at Rakumba, I realised a project from concept to prototype, including its marketing material, production documentation and pricing model. The product is Vault, a folded-steel pendant light (…) Read more

Before starting at Sprocket, I had worked for a few other companies in the past, such as working as part of a small packaging design team for three years at (…) Read more

The Melbourne Museum is an amazing space and combines the work of multiple professions. Flexibility and work team skills are the main capabilities I have developed by working in the (…) Read more

Nicole Fendel’s team is small and I was lucky enough to work closely to the whole team. I mostly worked with Nicole Fendel herself, and the Marketing Manager who oversaw (…) Read more

During the course of my placement with Thinglab, I developed advanced skills in the areas of 3D modelling for 3D printing, particularly the area of meshes in the software packages (…) Read more

I worked on a science exhibition called Think Ahead – an interactive projection where players build their own future city according to the challenge given.   Ever since high school, (…) Read more

I was given the task of designing an educational interactive display for the solar thermal dish at CERES. My main challenge was to devise a structure to complement the design, (…) Read more